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My Educational Philosophy

I have been teaching since 2005.  I have taught in both Chicago and Fort Worth Texas.  Prior to teaching, I have degrees in paramedic medicine, culinary arts, paralegal studies, theology, education and political science.  

My goal is to create authentic unit and lesson plans that will engage students in specific content while teaching them important reading and writing skills.  These reading and writing skills will help students in their pursuit of post secondary educational and career opportunities.   


Whether you want to go to a four year University; a community college; a vocational or trade school; or straight into a career, these reading and writing skills are essential to being able to accomplish your goals.


Over the last decade, the belief was that all students needed to go to college.  This belief is incorrect.  Not all students need to go to college.  Although, we need to provide all students with the faculties and skills necessary, so that if they choose to attend college in the future, that they are prepared and are ready for the academic rigor they will find in the post secondary setting.  

Finally, my goal is to make you think critically and to question everything.  The ability to think critically and compartmentalize an argument (to see and understand both sides of an argument) is the most important skill you will learn in my class.  While you may come to a different conclusion on an argument then I would, it is essential to your overall education to understand why you believe what you believe.  

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Foreign Affairs

As a political Scientist, I am intellectually curious about how the world views American Policies.  I am a member of the Midwest Political Science Association as well as the American Political Science Association.  


To understand where we are going, we must also understand where we came from.  I travel to symposiums and conferences throughout the academic year to learn more about our prehuman ancestors.  

Chicago Politics

I have written extensively on Chicago Politics, most importantly on the topic of patronage and nepotism in the Chicago Political Machine.  

Terrorism and Middle East Studies

After the events of 9/11, terrorism studies and understanding the history of the Middle East became very important to my overall academic work in both my undergraduate development as well as my graduate school program.  



Northeastern Illinois University

MA Educational Leadership


Northeastern Illinois University

MA Political Science


University of St. Mary of the Lake

M.Div. Theology


Roosevelt University

MA Secondary Education / Learning Behavioral Specialist


Roosevelt University

BA Political Science


Northwestern University

Paralegal Studies

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